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You seem to be a very spiritual man. Nice
I completely agree with you. my point was to point out some empirical data that will create major economic distortions in the adjustment process.
AI really is the worst bunch of commies that make themselves feel good by scratching each other's balls and stupidly attacking those who think differently.
Try it. Could be a life changing experience.
Do You live on Your own island with Your family without any contact to western civ? Good for You.
Yes. Social costs are exploding meanwhile the potential for investments in productivity growth diminishes. But at this point I guess the family as the real social fabric will see its comeback. Here in Spain a lot of young adults and elder people are living at their parent's (or kid's) home to save money. Maybe it starts at this point.
That's the trap. They need to work more (Japan didn't allow mass immigration) to fill the rising gaps in their welfare state... less time... less family life.... less children. A vicious circle
Back to my question: Do You really think that the collapse of birth rates doesn't have any socio-economic consequences? If so You should start studying history and economics.
then please explain to me why people in this culture of Marxist states have abandoned the path of starting a family, which is the natural way of life?
But what if you're playing the wrong game? and they've long since agreed on the stakes?
Perfect. Thank You very much
I know I know. That's why I like India so far....
So You think demografics are irrelevant?
Ein weiteres Problem ist die Personalie Scholz. Dass ist derart leicht fällt, Deutschland und seine militärische Kommunikation auszuspionieren, stellt den gesamten NATO-Bock bloß. jedes Vertrauen ist hin