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Most of the anons are all 100% correct and justified. The amount of total shit being blasted by a maniac that needs to step back and get help is ridiculous. Any person that has publicly and/or directly tried to talk and listen has been targeted by the OP eventually. So why engage publicly anymore? He's burned all trust or civility.
It's all one giant boy who cried wolf story over the last few years and people are fucking sick of it. The title of the post itself is malicious and blown over the top.
a lot of younger and elders devs cannot speak freely
a lot of developers fear to speak up their minds in public
Hmm I wonder fucking why. Maybe because of bullshit like this post.
I mean cruise shut down so...
This type of solution is almost as old as Bitcoin. In the end, anything that requires on chain human readable identities is not going to work. It's unattainable and absolutely should not have the word scalable in the name.
It's strictly better in every way compared to the solution it is meant to replace, which is LNURL addresses.
I think it uses the alby extension to log in and sign/sweep the ecash once it's sent there
You're thinking about it in terms of "a relay" and that's not what nostr is. It's many, and the notes and profile information is distributed across them. If someone wants to see the notes of an npub, they ask all the relays they are connected to. Gossip model stuff pushes the search out further too. One relay taking something down should have no affect.
If you have suggestions to building nostr the way you prefer a distributed protocol to be, you may want to post those here: https://github.com/nostr-protocol/nips
Nice use of bounty and crowdfunded troubleshooting, great analysis work.
Always cool seeing and hearing about SN's insights into things so far, great transparency.
I agree with all of the AMA/outreach stuff. Those always seem popular. Perhaps paying for that could be worth the marketing expense.
Unsure about paywalled content though. I personally don't see value in it (i have never paid for a paywall post or put my content behind one). I zap a decent amount here but probably would not contribute to paywalls. I can very quickly bet those will be trivially reposted here unlocked so you're going to have to battle copyright.
In general quite content with SN, glad to see growth and more experiments.
You mean just zap? I don't see the word unzap.
I would say probably wait until it's a problem? I set mine very low (50) and think it's probably fine for the niche that it is already. Probably depends on your type of Territory.
There's also normal down zap behavior too for non moderators that can lead to an outlaw, even on Territories that don't have moderation turned on. I have sometimes unintentionally downzapped things (as I use as normal upvote/downvote behavior) into an outlaw status on my own territory without the intention of making it outlawed. So I have to be careful now.
It's there in the related posts below:
But you can just look at his activity and see he's still around regardless.
That's awesome, really great to see you progress on this. I think it's a great example for building modules and also a useful application on top of federations. I'm convinced DLCs alone are just too complicated to work in practice so something like this instead is encouraging.
Oh, you'll have issues with graphene's browser and people running lockdown mode on iOS.
That's pretty crap that it's pulling in web assembly for whatever reason. There's really no need.