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Thanks for trying to communicate sense into them. I doubt they'll care. The types of people behind these projects are the SJW larpers with fox tail plugs coming out of their asshole that hate other people being successful. They aren't doing these git projects because github is doing censorship (which in fact has LESS censorship than them). They're doing it because Github won and built a massively successful company off of a protocol that a big company bought and these people HATE that. Just look at the Mastodon communities, same types of larps. The second someone does something they don't like, they scheme to punish them like their absent father's never did.

I had some emails back and forth between the asshole that runs source hut months ago and same type of dude. He made it clear I wasn't welcomed. They hate the idea that they didn't get in on bitcoin when they found out about it and other people are successful. Meanwhile in love with stripe and government controls. I don't get it other than they are FOSS larps that want to stay within their own happy go lucky world that they built for themselves online.

How do you balance what users of bitcoin would want vs what you want when deciding what to work on or what PRs to ACK? Is there a mental thought process you go through, do you talk to users, or is it some set of standards you try to make decisions by?

I love cryptographic password less auth, hate the idea that it's attached to a lightning node / wallet. For one it instills a bad habit of keeping the same node pubkey forever. For two it's tying the same level of access to log in to some random website as your financial wallet - separations of concerns people... For three, for passwordless auth it's still rather lacking. No key rotations or multikey support.

I'd love to see a dedicated non lightning app for this otherwise I hate being forced to use it (yes some websites require it)

But nevertheless great write up!

I'm thankful for the bitcoin community and friends that I've made along the way.

Nope, all of it happening directly in the frontend as this is a fully non custodial real lightning node. The only "back end" is just a dumb networking proxy server so you can connect peer to another node on the network. As more nodes like CLN start to accept websockets, this won't be needed at all.

Oh but the other "back end" is just an esplora based chain source. Right now blockstream.info. In the near future, allowing users to select their own.

since it was already posted to stacker news by someone else might as well inform you too that it's at http://reckless.mutinywallet.com

The main caveat is that it's still very alpha, sometimes requires a refresh if things seem stuck, and right now lightning payments just work with your direct channel partners.

totally, configuration is possible already we just haven't built an onboarding screen yet in favor of functionality for the demo. there is a settings page for some stuff but that needs to be fully built out too.

Disclaimer that this is still very incredibly early and buggy. Plus right now the lightning portion only pays or receives with direct channel partners.

Working on the final bolt.fun project submission for mutiny web! Ben Paul and I were up till 2am at Pleb Lab getting the final touches and mainnet deployment to work. Super excited about what we've been able to accomplish. Some teaser here https://stacker.news/items/97859

It's deployed to a URL that anyone can use but we'll probably announce it alongside our bolt.fun final submission later today to give context and education about what it does and how it works. It's still very alpha and has a few drawbacks we weren't able to tackle yet due to time.

Twitter link here

This is on mainnet deployed to a website that we won't leak yet since it's still very alpha. We'll write up and share more on our bolt.fun submission later today, but so happy we got this to work. A BDK/LDK node compiled to wasm making real peer connections and channels.

That is true, though they will also have to match them on feature flags so there's other fingerprints besides CLTV https://github.com/endothermicdev/impscan

Ah didn't realize she changed the name of Avanti to Custodia

Because SN is a custodian and you shouldnt hold funds at a custodian.

I'd love to see an option for 0 balance and every time you post or upvote, it asks to pay an invoice. Auto withdraws of your balance could be a thing too for people that have an always online node or LNURL pay link.

Very cool! Need to add something like this to LNsploit too. If you get any major routing nodes or LSPs to run this in watch mode, I'd be very curious what their results are. I'm not sure how often they'd see the same payment hash again after it was paid.

Also I think PTLCs fix wormhole attacks but haven't heard of it being exploited before so that'll be cool when you add that.

Tried to use it and some pop up box told me to paste some pubkey string I have no idea what it's referring to. Terrible UX.

I resonant with this thinking in lightning, even though I know the goal is that we're supposed to get it to the point where people don't have to completely get it.

IMO, people currently using lightning or running nodes without understanding how it works or it's risks should really consider shutting down their nodes. I try to communicate this in the latest Citadel Dispatch: https://bitcointv.com/w/fXw6ueVidoifiy8YQN7Fyk

A 20 minute video of him twitching with his fake nervous smile while the anchor rails into his BS isn't my definition of pomp destroying anything but his ego.

Its something that is still very well a concern, anchor outputs or not

In this scenario though, fees didn't really go up too much. There's a pretty low floor where low valued transactions can still get in. If we get into scenarios where everyone is paying a lot for fees then its more of a concern for a mass exit attack.

However, if an attacker wanted to, now would be a good time for them to continue to push up the mempool even more. An attacker can wait for high fees to occur naturally or do it themselves.