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With ledger your key lives on a secure chip on the device that used to be incredibly difficult to get off for security reasons. Now they offer it as a service...

With seedsigner the key does NOT live on the device at all. It lives as a QR code that it needs to scan every time you use it. Someone sees it or takes it then you just lost all your funds.

"January 21, 2021"

Important to note this is not new information.

We have so much advanced PWA logic we haven't gotten to yet ourselves. Will definitely keep an eye on those tickets and PRs to see what we can do ourselves ;)

Nice work!

I'm also just a PWA maxi so who knows if anyone else wanted it lol

The misaligned miner incentive problems are pretty big one IMO.

I don't get the hype around imaginary chains like statechains, space chains, drive chains, galaxy chains, Arc, etc.

Perhaps I'm a moron or perhaps I've seen enough BS in the past to not care (other merge mining projects), or perhaps I'm a lightning maxi. But anyone can give a tl;dr on why it is worth exploring despite the trade offs?

For bitcoin core node running?

Dandelion is probably the most advanced and well talked about protocol for transaction relaying, but that's significant IIRC, and no monetization.

There's no way to prove that transactions you relayed to another person eventually gets relayed to a miner. Instead of paying people for a possible service, IMO it's best to rely on the default bitcoin core logic which does it's best to ensure propagation while trying to protect privacy the best it can. Or to broadcast over tor to blockstream, mempool, etc. for privacy reasons. Perhaps you can pay them if you want but I don't think they'll care about charging for that.

Protecting the cardboard that it needs to scan to get the private keys, every time. Better to use a steal QR code plate.

Then making sure to power off the device after each use, since private keys are in memory.

Ideally you use seedsigner in a multisig.

And it was all because it was marked as duplicate apps due to testnet and mainnet looking very similar...

This is a gross over exaggeration. 9 times out of 10 there's some minor reason or mistake for it. Other 1 time it is something easily fixable.

But to categorize this as open source is being attacked is rediculous. There's actual real threats to be concerned about. Yet another boy who cries wolf moment.

The data is far over 300GB and mostly binary.

I don't think it would but I don't know the internals about how core estimates fees. It could be smart, or esplora could be smarter but if there's a big enough difference and not enough leeway then it would make lightning unusable across different estimation types.

There is a bug relating to calculating fees for next block templates. My assumption is that is extended to general fee estimates but I'm not sure. You cant rule out differences between bitcoin core fee estimates and non core estimates. Differences in them can cause force closures and we will see bigger differences with more active mempools like we have.


A few scams that I lost money on during 2017, confirmed in the years following that they're all scams. Touch the stove kind of thing.

Thankful for it, and the people that were normalizing being bitcoin only online. I wasn't getting any of that normalization in person, I went to all the meetups I could find in Dallas. Now there's endless bitcoin only meetups, never been easier to stick to it.

Appreciate that @DarthCoin. I know we don't always agree but ride or die SN authors like yourself and the ones you linked make this platform enjoyable.

Not much of an author but I also really enjoy how @Rsync25 is able to find all the highly technical resources as they drop and link them here. I dont know how else I would have survived technically without twitter (or nostr for how long I was avoiding it).

These have been really interesting to follow. Lots of work from various protocol devs have been participating in this weekly. Still need to dive into some of it myself.

Its configurable tho so anyone can point it to their own instance.

Just released the signet version of Mutiny Wallet and a demo video showing it working well with the Fedi wallet: https://twitter.com/MutinyWallet/status/1661381554478669825

Would love feedback from anyone willing to try it out: https://signet-app.mutinywallet.com/

At least for something that is updated very often.