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You can get paid in BTC, get BTC tips, buy it using Bisq, buy using 2plnbot, buy is using HodlHodl, etc.

I guess so. Although they do not say it explicitly anywhere in their web site, they use the hashtags #DropFiat and #PayMeInBitcoin all the time on their tweets,

The absolute worst way to store your Bitcoin: giving them to some one else to do it for you.

Fabric is a second layer protocol (like Lightning Network), not a side chain (like RSK or Liquid) which allows for smart contracts. It's basic token is BTC (like LN), not a BTC pegged token.

Portal is building DeFi services on top of it, using its smart contracts, in a similar fashion RGB is building on top of LN.

DEFI built on top of shitty centralized blockchains is POS (I mean piece of shit, not prove of stake -although it's actually the same... but I digress...).

DEFI needs to be built on top of the one decentralized blockchain, i.e. Bitcoin, which is what Fabric and Portal are building.

I don't think so, in this case. The point of sale app generates the invoice 100% offline. Of course, the customer needs to get online to pay the invoice through the LN. Also, the merchant needs to get online to spend the paid money. But again, the point of sale app works offline (which is what the author intended).

Of course, I use Money-On-Chain (MoC), yes. At the moment, I've only invested into BPRO, to provide liquidity for people who need to mint DOC (Dollar-on-Chain), which is the first stable coin backed by Bitcoin, not by FIAT (USD) like USDT, USDC, etc.

By holding BPRO, I also provide liquidity for the third product of MoC, BTCx2, a leveraged position on BTC.

I get reward in for of MOC (the governance token of the platform) and a small leverage on the price of BTC (the largest part goes to BTCx2).

Dollars make you poor: they flow towards the richest. Bitcoin fixes it.

-The BTC haiku. :-D

I enjoyed a lot reading BTC stories and learning about LN by using it there. I earned over one million satoshi and some litoshi, while learning and having a lot of fun.

Thank you! I didn't build that awesome site, I wish I did. :-) I've been using it (and earning sats) for a few years already. My LN wallet there was actually my first ever LN wallet. It's built and maintained by Glen Lee Roberts, an US expat. You can read about his story and his great site story at:


The site design is really surprising, in fact, and it's functioning a bit weird, but it's actually really cool once you get the hang of it. Also, Glen and his community is very helpful and welcoming.