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Thank you for the sane link.

Does it scare you a bit that one day Tether might depeg, fail like Luna

The question here isn't if that's gonna happen, the question is when it's gonna happen. Also BUSD et al. will get there before, probably.

and set back whole crypto market like we've never seen before?

Bitcoin does not care. I don't care, either.

Thank you for providing a sane alternative link.

What does the little "Freebie" image/link that appears in some posts, like this one, under the title and besides the poster handle and the time since the post was posted mean?

I never click on a link, anyway. The few times I'm inclined to check them out, I just copy the video or tooet ID and search for them using one of those alternatives.

What if we reply to any post with a link to the #BirdSite or YT with a link to the Nitter or Piped alternatives and whoever wants to tip, does so to the alternative, not the toxic one? That could very quickly help, hopefully...

Yes please! Please, please, please, please, please.

I've been ready for twelve years already, but I'm patient. We aren't in a hurry, are we? 😂

Money-on-chain, RGB, RIF, Sovryn, Tropikus, Babelfish, etc, etc, etc... Why would anybody need to look outside of BTC?

Have a look at Electrum. It's an excellent on-chain and LN wallet that let you manage your own channels. You can use some public Electrum nodes for the time being, and move to your own later on, when/if you decide to run it.

Mmmhhh... Email and 3.5% fee? Nah, better wait for Mostro. :-)

I've just downloaded the whole testnet blockchain. It's taken about three hours and it's only 31GB of space. I'm going to leave it running on the P4 alongside the prune BTC node and the full LTC node for the moment. :-)

I'm glad I could help. It's all a little confusing at first, although not complicated.

Perhaps you could start running a testnet Bitcoin node. Synchronization takes much shorter, disk space is much less, and stress for the possibility of making a mistake is also reduced a lot.

Also, it's cool helping run the testnet and you can try any crazy thing you might think about. :-)

The normal way for accessing GUI instances from a headless server is via X11 forwarding. This works but you won't be able to keep your Bisq instance running in the background of your headless server as desired.

Actually you can run it 24/7 on VNC, and detach and reattach to it when needed.

No, nodes don't need to run 24/7. For a while I've been running some nodes only at night and during the weekends, when electricity was cheaper.

What happens if I do some transactions, the switch it off and switch on in a few days?

Your wallet will still have your private keys, ready to sign transactions to expend your utxos. The node will synchronize the blockchain when you turn it back on. If it's been just a few days off, synchronization won't take too long.

What I usually do is having small amounts on LN or on-chain wallets on my phones ready for quick small transactions while my nodes are off.

If you already like Debian, you'll certainly like Devuan, since it is actually the continuation of Debian but without systemd.

I currently run a prune BTC node and a full LTC node on a Pentium 4 desktop with 6GB RAM and two 512GB HDDs on BTRFS RAID-1 on Devuan chimaera. I got all the hardware for free, and it works very well.

I want to run a full node on this box (I do in others). so I'm planning to replace the HDDs with 1TB ones and rescan the BTC blockchain. :-)