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The sane alternative link, for those of us who value privacy.
Muun isn't a LN wallet, and so every time you send or receive sats it makes an on chain transaction. The worse thing, in my opinion, is that they lie about it and try to hide that saying it's a LN wallet. They are very dishonest, IMO.
Thank you for the sane alternative links for those of us who value privacy.
Is Binance finally going to hell? When will Coinbase follow? I can't wait! LOL
There are all kind of weirdos in this world. Some seem to need/like/enjoy setting goals for themselves. A round number (like 1, 2, 3, etc.) might sound like some kind of logical goals. Of course, I might be wrong and perhaps there is some much more obscure obsessing reason behind all of it. LOL
I had a little difficulty to get an invoice paid yesterday; it took a few tries to finally get it. After it did, I haven't had any more troubles neither to pay invoices nor to get some invoices paid.
What? It doesn't matter what GitHub might do. Even if they decide to take down their web site tonight, Bitcoin doesn't care, and neither do we. We have thousand of copies of the Bitcoin code repository, and GitHub's isn't special.
GitHub? According to the © on their site, it's a company called GitHub, Inc. I don't know anything about them.
Of course. Each copy of the repository is equal, yours, mine, Github's, and every other one in existence. Github, Bitbucket, and other sites just give you a "convenient" web interface to make it nicer. You can set up your own with opensource alternatives, like GitLab.
Github has one copy of the Bitcoin code repository. Git is decentralized and what Github might do is irrelevant.
Even if you hard forked Bitcoin and modified the code, the actual Bitcoin genesis block wouldn't be spendable. You could be able to spend the genesis block on the new blockchain, but that wouldn't be the genuine Bitcoin genesis block.
MWEB, already proven to work on Litecoin for a year already. Privacy is very much needed!
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[Bitcoin for Banking Failures with Parker Lewis](https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=HbxyhDoEPg4) results in Bitcoin for Banking Failures with Parker Lewis.
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Indeed, gold isn't just money, it has intrinsic value as it has many uses.
No, it is not. You haven't watched enough to tell.