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Buying and selling in a self-custodial way is much appreciated 👏🫡.
  1. Travel from the bottom of India, starting in Kanyakumari, and head to the top in Kashmir.
  2. Experience India's various languages, cultures, and foods.
  3. Walk and learn about the many different people and places you encounter along the journey.
Even though I'm a guy who spends over 8+ hours a day in front of a laptop, this is the kind of experience I wanted to explore.
The idea of building it like an SDK is super amazing!
I think even the Mutiny Wallet stores the channel state encrypted on the remote server using VSS.
Jimmy Song and Andreas Antonopoulos. I'd also learned by watching some video presentations of Pieter Wuille and Andrew Chow.
Hey, I completely agree with @rijndael comment here. BIP39 specifically focuses on mnemonic words, while the concepts of derivation paths is original proposed in BIP32 and then BIP43, BIP44, BIP49 and BIP84, which is actually build upon BIP32 to provide additional specifications for accounts and addressing schemes.
Also you specified about wallet descriptors and this particular statement:
So look out for this new wallet recovery type. Maybe even you can think of ways to make it easy to use for the general community and it may as a result even take over seed phrases.
I think the statement that suggesting that they will take over seed phrases is inaccurate and false. Wallet descriptors address the issue of derivation paths when generating addresses, especially when users switch between different wallets. Like the mnemonic words alone is not sufficient for wallet recovery; you also need to know the derivation path used by your previous wallet to generate addresses.
For example, if your previous wallet generated addresses based on BIP44 (P2PKH derivation path: m/44'), you need to know that information during wallet recovery. If your new wallet generates addresses based on BIP84 (P2WPKH derivation path: m/84'), both wallets are incompatible, and you won't retrieve the correct wallet information, such as balance and transaction history. That's the reason the website you mentioned https://walletsrecovery.org/ exist to sepcify the supported paths by different wallets.
Wallet descriptors provide a general syntax to address this problem, using constructs like pk(), pkh(), wpkh(), and so on, to specify different derivation paths and scripts. However, it's important to note that wallet descriptors are not intended to replace seed phrases but rather enhance the management of wallet structures and derivation paths.
Also BIP 39 is actually a well-established standard that defines how mnemonic seed phrases are generated and used for wallet backups. It has gone through a proper review process and is widely adopted, like BIP39, BIP32, BIP43, BIP44, BIP84 these are considered as industry standard nowadays for developing bitcoin wallets.
Hey, this project is not complete. I tried running it today. Initially, while getting the dependencies, it takes a bit of time. I think the developer is trying to obtain a particular build for the bdk_flutter and ldk_node plugins maybe because of some conflicts between the flutter_rust_bridge package. Also, when the app is finally built, it doesn't do anything except generate a mnemonic and that's it. This is the initial screen: https://github.com/kumulynja/ldk_node_flutter_demo/blob/HEAD/lib/screens/onboarding/create_wallet_screen.dart. It simply generates a mnemonic and prints it to the console.
Wow, man! Nice write-up. I feel a bit motivated while reading this to start working on one of my year-old project that I made for a hackathon: https://github.com/aniketambore/Bits-and-Sats
Thank you for mentioning my latest project in the newsletter. I appreciate the recognition, and it means a lot to me that you took the time to include a link to my website. Potential employers can learn more about my skills and experience there, so I'm grateful for the exposure. Thank you again for your kind words and support!
Thanks for your comment and suggestion! I appreciate your feedback. I have updated my bio and included a link to my resume. If you know of any job opportunities or if you come across any, please reach out.
Thank you for your concerns, friends. I appreciate your feedback and understand your point. For now, this project is just for demonstration purposes, and the Gameboy skin I used was downloaded from https://circa.im/emu/gba4ios/skins/sp2/. However, I will definitely consider changing the name to avoid any potential legal issues. Thank you for your comments!
Yep, that sounds good, fitting hardware into a Gameboy cartridge would definitely be a cool and unique challenge. It might be difficult due to the limited space available, but it's always fun to explore creative solutions. I'm thinking of something like a separate cartridge for a Bitcoin wallet or even one for something like a Nostr-connect signer - that could be a great way to keep things organized and easily accessible.
Ahh man, I think it's time to make it happen - the hardware stuff!
Yes!, that's what I'm actually thinking in my head right now - let's do this hardware stuff!
Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you find Bitchat Wallet amazing. Despite the fact that I developed it within just 3 days and unfortunately did not win the hackathon yesterday :(, I'm still thrilled to hear positive feedback. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share. Thank you again for your support!
Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your feedback and suggestion about payjoins over Nostr. I believe I may have come across that proposal somewhere before, maybe through a video posted by someone on the BDK Discord server, although I don't quite remember the details, but I will definitely take a closer look at it. Let me know if you have any other thoughts or feedback. Thanks again!