8150 stacked

Love it, especially negative block times.

BG/AG time eras? Before/After Genesis.

So does the right.

Hence why Russia is trying to block self custody.

Make no mistake, the right wing would turn on bitcoin freedom on a dime whenever they take power again.

What kind of bombs? Something worthy of hiding the stream?

Sign of things to come.

Soon every news site with a paywall will have an option to throw a couple pennies through lightning to unlock any article without needing a subscription.

If your device gets destroyed by an EMP, in all likelihood all the electronic communications in your immediate environment will also be wiped out, so it wouldn't matter if you had an EMP ruggedized hardware wallet to begin with.

You have bigger problems that not being able to move your bitcoin.

Not a great source.

Also, I believe he was a multi millionaire well before Signal and MobileCoin. This isn't clear smoking gun.

Do you know if WebAssembly is considered better from a privacy perspective than JS?


Onion sites have been getting increasingly unusable because it's such a pain in the ass just to get in.

I'd definitely put even a few dollars worth of sats on deposit just to reduce that friction and do more browsing on Tor.

He most likely didn't quit twitter.

He was forced to resign.

That mirrors my experience with conservatives.

Individual conservatives tend to be very individualistic and live and let live kind of people, basically little "l" libertarians, even if they're disgusted by lots of people's choices. But when they establish a majority and take control of government, they can get pretty damn authoritarian, right up to policing what goes on in the privacy of people's bedrooms between consenting adults.

I think fundamentally, when people have power in society, they start tilting authoritarian. Perhaps the only reason the right wing seems to be starting to embrace bitcoin more than the left in the US is because the right is largely on the retreat. The last Republican president to win the popular vote (for their first term) was 33 years ago in 1988. They've been clinging onto power with minority approval for decades now. Even Trump is still vocalizing an anti bitcoin stance and pro dollar. Printing currency is an incredibly powerful tool for authoritarians.

Hardly the first. This is basically just a shapeshift clone.

Severe weakness to this in that most retail invoices only last 60 minutes.

The lightning strike from upvoting looks much cooler in dark mode.

Definitely not, but significantly more devastating than normal thefts most wealthy people experience.

You could literally go from multi millionaire to broke and on the streets if too much of your wealth is secured by a private key that can be compromised from a physical attack like this.

Obscurity can definitely be an important part of security, especially from less sophisticated attackers like your crackhead uncle Jimbo who's just looking to get his fix.

But I think everyone who owns bitcoin should assume that some unknown number of entities know they own it and maybe even how much. Might be the IRS. Might be the NSA. Might be Coinbase. Might be a Chinese agency. Might be a sophisticated criminal gang that mines data breaches like Ledger's to try to identify potentially lucrative targets.

There's a few things you can take from this.

  1. Strength in numbers. The more of us there are holding it, the less likely you personally will be targeted. There's likely already millions of us holding coins in our private keys.
  2. Don't stand out. Don't brag and don't flash your wealth publicly, especially online. Not only does this incite envy, but every piece of data you put out that attaches your identity to your wealth increases the number of eyes looking for weakness, or gold diggers hoping to suck you dry.
  3. You don't need to be Fort Knox. You just need to look like more trouble that you're worth. Fake security cameras and security lawn signs without the system to back it up are legitimately effective because predators always prefer the weakest prey.
  4. Monitor and learn from attacks that do happen. Try to decide if you would lose your coins in the same situation and adjust your security model accordingly so long as the increase in complexity isn't overly burdensome.

Do all this and don't stress too much about the fact that many people out there may know you own bitcoin. Key security is partially a numbers game, and a tiny percentage chance of theft isn't worth freaking out about, just studying and constantly adapting to.

Fear is the mind killer, and you need to mind alive if you want to successfully secure yourself and your wealth.