Hi SN,

I'm looking to protect my hardware wallets (and things like opendimes) from harmful electromagnetic radiation like those from solar flares (i.e. Carrington event) and man-made electromagnetic pulses while they are not in use.

Have you considered this risk vector? If so, what alternatives have you considered to mitigate this possibility?


Security models like Casa's would be vulnerable to this right? I think they rely on hardware devices exclusively. If there were a global event that might be a problem.

Although, it doesn't seem like Lopp to have missed something. He's like the most thorough person ever by the looks of it.

Looks like JW Weatherman was right with his CD backups all along!

Grin. He isn't always that thorough

Always have multiple backups in multiple spots and make sure that you have solutions both for you being able to recover it and your family being able to recover it.

I'm considering maintaining a backup metal plate three thousand kilometers away from my usual location but did not consider just having another hardware wallet as well. In the event that a global EMP event happens this might not be enough to ensure the hardware wallet survives.

Write your seed on paper or punched metal.

This ensures you can recover your wallet with a different device but not how to protect your existing one from the threat of EMPs.

If your device gets destroyed by an EMP, in all likelihood all the electronic communications in your immediate environment will also be wiped out, so it wouldn't matter if you had an EMP ruggedized hardware wallet to begin with.

You have bigger problems that not being able to move your bitcoin.

That's fine, but while those problems are going on I want to protect the one device that allows me to move money easily.