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I originally got into Ethereum in 2017 and started doing smart contract development. After 4 years of that, in early 2021 I finally dove into Bitcoin thanks to all the toxic plebs. I asked myself, "Why would all these anons be so toxic? There must be something there." Been absolutely hooked ever since, 100% BTC forever.

I'd like to use my previous knowledge to help shitcoiners become bitcoiners. I know it's possible, but it's difficult to get them to take a step back and observe their "investments" from an objective perspective. This article really did it for me.

I'm always looking for things to learn about Bitcoin which means SN is perfect for me. As time allows, I'll be diving into building Lightning Network apps since I think that is the future of the economy on the internet.


congrats, respect

amazing story starting to see this more and more. eth devs make the move to lightning. Def share what you build here first so we can support it.

Linking my old profile.