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Reality and the internet will both be incredibly fantastic and awe inspiring
I believe it’s tools like bitcoin that exist to mitigate/suppress the volatility of our stupidity
We’ll see I guess, pls install a bird house outside for me in case I seek refuge too!
basically just trying to say that more people will learn the fruits of decentralization and hard money because of AI taking advantage of the weaknesses in fiat. Data honeypot leaks will get much worse, more money will get stolen, more reason to try and enforce KYC, etc etc. AI makes the problem loud and clear. Our security measures are weak. The internet isn’t safe store of information. Custodians are vulnerable. But those are the problems we live in today, not the future.
The doom ppl see there is certainly warranted, but I try to remind that the doom drives incentive for solutions. A much safer internet, much better money, much better lives overall are around the corner for everyone. The key is letting decentralization in, which is the real hard part. Fiat statists are resisting that and creating more fear in the people. Same playbook over and over again, but over time all it does is push more people to bitcoin.
Growing pains.
Don’t think it’ll happen like that darth 😭 only if bitcoin fails do I see that outcome, but that’s why we’re here right??
That podcast I linked does a good job explaining more of the nuance about the world with AI with bitcoin vs without, but TL;DR it’s fiat fear instilled over time that people like you and I are conditioned to apply to new technology, but bitcoin breaks that paradigm
yep, he does need to get a new boss
David Bailey is exhaustingly disingenuous
no clue but dylan's tweet makes me want to dig deeper lol
i think he strikes a balance without getting too tribey but i get what ur saying.
listening to Booth talk about it sounded very interesting, but he's paying a whole team of engineers to do it right...need more bitcoin if i want a little robot bird
Right, how could i have forgotten ;(
that's adoption thru and thru brotha! no one makes the rules
i wasnt prepared to see this in the saloon today
hah so u thought darth this guy got it figured out
hindsight always 20/20, the family time was probably worth the pay cut!
but ser so would your descendants 3 generations from now. HODL.
Ur supposed to go all in on right now ser, @Onions explained this already!!
gotta be happy for the plebs who can stack