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I only accept net worth evaluations displayed in bitcoin. Please revise.
But, seriously, only $5 million is the top 1% of the US? I don't know why that doesn't seem like that much to be in the top 1%. Maybe because basic homes are going for 1/2-2 million these days in a lot of parts. It would be interesting to see these put next to the population numbers too. So you could get an idea of how many people have that amount of money.
I think it would be anyone using their hosted service, whether free or paid. Do you use Wordpress self-hosted?
he is one the creators of Ruby On Rails and loves Ruby. So, he understands the trade offs, but is firmly not in the types camp. He has some blog posts on why he doesn’t like types. I’ve come around on types and I am a fan, but working with Go and Typescript every day, sometimes I just want to hack something out. What typed languages are you using?
that’s incredible. hats off to your son! i will take a closer look.
no worries. i realized looking again that there was more after the first email form. substack has an annoying interface in that way. it’s about subscriptions not reading.
interesting. maybe I’m missing something then. I read this:
Just since 2020, the federal government paid $324 million in grants to projects that in some capacity deployed a podcast.
I get that “in some capacity” means it wasn’t all $324, but they do give examples:
Regeneration Rising ($446,353 from Department of Agriculture), a podcast about agriculture, features an episode on “building a queer farmer community.”
My assumption is, the amount they show, is the amount the podcast got from the grants in some way. Are you think this isn’t the case and they are being intentionally deceptive?
what details are you expecting? all the money came from government grants.
i do agree that this blog has a conservative bent. but, the silliness of the waste is still laid out, right?
I would love to know when the surge times are. Late at night after people have been drinking? It's even a way to make poor decisions more expensive.
If Argentina can pull off getting their inflation under control by gutting government spending, then other governments will have to take stock? or am I being naive?
doom thread cost increase. if you want to keep it going, it will cost! or, after a certain amount of comments a little popup “consider making a new post here”. just throwing things out there, I like a good battle of wits that goes on and on. it’s what makes the internet fun.
I think the “if you build it, they will come” is only partly true. if you build it, but there is no roads to get there, they can’t make it. I think if/when banks adopt bitcoin/lightning to save money and attract capital, then you’ll see adoption blow up in corporations wanting to integrate.