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What kind of physicist, if i may ask?


Hey, yeah sure, I was doing quantum mechanics in the context of general relativity (curved spacetimes) for a while (not grand unified theories) but shifted to other topics as of now with a lot more to do with dynamical systems theory, complexity , network theory, and statistical mechanics lately. I don't want to doxx it too much but I like the field I'm in right now a lot as it has a lot more to do with real-world applicability and truly gives you a unique way to look at everyday life (esp. in the context of complex interactions of large systems in nature, networks, and the like.

For everyone interested in physics, I would strongly recommend reading up on dynamical systems theory. It's really not that complex, compared to some other fields of theoretical physics, but it's โ€“ in my opinion โ€“ the field with the most juice in terms of how you'll start looking at the world.