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Yes, mostly but there are also bigger payments (~1M). I personally try to avoid Lightning for payments above 500k though.

I have done what feels like 10000 Lightning payments so far but 0 of them were MPP.

Should keep in mind that these documents are from November 21 to February 22 – so from before the PoW ban was dismissed. Still an interesting glimpse into their deranged minds.

This is not only good for Bitcoin, this is also good for games. Gaming for real value makes them more interesting to players!

Hey, yeah sure, I was doing quantum mechanics in the context of general relativity (curved spacetimes) for a while (not grand unified theories) but shifted to other topics as of now with a lot more to do with dynamical systems theory, complexity , network theory, and statistical mechanics lately. I don't want to doxx it too much but I like the field I'm in right now a lot as it has a lot more to do with real-world applicability and truly gives you a unique way to look at everyday life (esp. in the context of complex interactions of large systems in nature, networks, and the like.

For everyone interested in physics, I would strongly recommend reading up on dynamical systems theory. It's really not that complex, compared to some other fields of theoretical physics, but it's – in my opinion – the field with the most juice in terms of how you'll start looking at the world.


What is this sorcery? It's called "inline commands". If you already have a wallet (https://ln.tips 👈) you can go to a private chat with a friend and enter "@LightningTipBot" in the text field to see the bot pop up.

The command to send sats in the chat is

Example: @LightningTipBot send 10

You can also add a message, just add it to the command. You can specify which person can click on "Receive" by adding their username to the command (useful if you do this in a group chat)

Example: @LightningTipBot send 10 @calle

There are more inline features, such as send, receive, faucet, and tipjar with more to come. LightningTipBot is open source and non-profit.

The article is from Sept. 3rd. I wonder if this is still true after so many more people got a wallet and the price started pumping.

I love this. It's a great idea! However, a printed QR code would have done half of the job as well. This thing basically adds the amount to that code and a random number "receipt".

Some issues I see are all the things that you can't do when you're offline:

  • no real-time fiat conversion
  • no payment confirmation on device

Yeah, the fact that it's posted here and is on top of all posts speaks for itself.

I just came here to talk about Lightning 😭.

make SN invite only? pls don't ❤️

Hi and thanks for trying out the bot!

You are right, the bot tries to minimize its interaction with a channel. This is by design. If you give the bot admin rights in a channel, it will even delete all the commands that users execute such that it leaves nearly no traces in a channel. Only the tip reply and send commands stay visible in the channel – everything else is between the bot and the user. This is all intentional, as the bot is made for large groups where clutter is a real problem.

There is basically a set of private (only via PM) and a set of public (in a group) commands. If the bot detects a private command in a public channel, it will respond in a private chat only (and delete the command from the channel, if the bot has admin rights). I hope I could clarify our design ideas a bit. If this remains an UX issue, I think we should try to communicate this a bit better to the user.

You can find the source code for this bot here. You can run it on your own node. It uses LNBits as an accounting system which is an amazing platform for building lightning-enabled apps. Check it out if you're a dev.

We're a team of two devs. The bot charges zero fees, our hope is that donations will cover operational costs of the node. The end game is to onboard thousands of nocoiners onto Lightning and give them wallets without having to install anything but Telegram.

Feedback is very welcome! Cheers!

Feature request: Send comments with CMD+ENTER 🙏

Nice. If this is a full lightning node, I'm impressed. The only other one I know is eclair from ACINQ which was the first lightning wallet I've ever used. Terrible user experience, but that was mostly due to my inability to manage channels.

Is there any other "full lightning node" wallet for mobile?

I don't quite get it, care to explain what this is?

I think this is exactly as you say. On Android, apps can hook into certain URI's. At least from all wallets that I have on my phone, only Breez and Zap wallet do that so far. It should be very easy to enable this for other wallets as well.

Yo what's up with the wBTC stuff