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I create stuff.
Pertinent to Nostr, I set up the Nostr Wiki - It's a wiki and it could use some help, plebs! (No account needed, just edit.)
Most pertinent to BTC: (1) Satoshi Bitcoin Converter, (2) I edited Kicking the Hornet’s Nest: The Complete Writings, Emails, and Forum Posts of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Founder of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency - all of Satoshi's public writings in order, and (3) for fun, Bitkenstan.
Nostr: npub1qpdufhjpel94srm3ett2azgf49m9dp3n5nm2j0rt0l2mlmc3ux3qza082j Read about other stuff I've done, and see contact info, at https://hive.blog/@crrdlx/about (Spotlight on "The Hodl Song"!)
All my links at https://linktr.ee/crrdlx
Welcome aboard!
Welcome. Stay humble, stack sats.