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and Starbucks is bad.
The one I already drank actually tasted quite good, I just didn't know I was supposed to drink it with a straw so I spilled half all over my room lol :)
Didn't see there was a hole in the cap and tried to shake it ...
But that was also fun :)
Who drinks coffee with a straw? Even if it's iced?
People can be weird sometimes :)
do you mind sharing more data so we can use it as a sample to understand the math?
I don't mind but let's say uhm, I'm quite busy so not sure if I'll still remember this request in 5 minutes lol :)
Still have to look at median image fees (and other stuff I wanted to look up but I forgot) but every day I forget to do it, we're gathering more data so the query will become more accurate, lol :)
SN just feels like a big lol right now :)
how come @ekzyis sleep so little, reading someone's long discussion at 2am 👀
Idk, exciting times for SN and having so much fun on SN rn :)
Not sure when the last time was I had so much fun over extended periods of time, maybe never :)
or did you even sleep at all?
I did sleep, I just did wake up feeling like wow, that was a good sleep, let's see what time it is
It's been 2 hours
Well... lol :)
lmao yes, this seems to be the case! haha
this is the way :)
<insert meme>
because I like you :)
No, jk (lol), I think we discussed some sleep stuff somewhere (can't find right now, our search still sucks) and I mentioned how a famous ASMRtist once said that she just wakes up like Boom, I am awake and then she gets stuff done
but could have been someone else also :)
the future is going to be more crazy i believe :)
you've seen nothing yet, lol :)
lmao lmao :)
But tbh, 1m sats where a bounty where @k00b said himself on SNL: I might have put the bounty too high ... lol
And that's exactly what I thought when I've seen the bounty posted on SN
I was like: 1m sats for this? You must be kidding me ... watch me do this in 7 hours.
btw, 10k sats for the person who finds the timestamp in the video where @k00b says this, lol, no time to search rn :)
my life right now:
(the starbucks stuff was on discount)
Wait did you already send them a mail and they already replied?! If so, crazy :)
If not, maybe mention that ek from SN sends his regards, lol
and does @ODELL always write in capital letters? even his nym is in capital letters i just realized.
looking at his history, he does. he indeed does.
if i would be a person that likes to rant i would rant like this now:
omg nostr devs fix your fuckin' clients before you pretend like you already replaced twitter lmao
but of course, i would never rant like this because i am a very civil person :)
omg I believe nostr is a meme xD
and clients be like:
let's play a game. you'll press confirm 10 times in a row to do some action with your keypair or just use "remember my choice" and we'll never ask you again because we now have full control ;)
wtf, just lost my draft response to this using snort for the second time for some unknown reason ... probably pressed something which immediately closed the reply. i can't be the first one, right? right?
going to try primal now.
does definitely not feel good if you're finally willing to interact more with nostr
and then stuff like this happens lol
i know, it's not the fault of the protocol. but come on guys, snort is a big popular client, no?
is the snort dev on SN? lol
They told me I can send them a mail if someone has a problem with their Phoenix wallet max every two months. That was their response when I asked if it's okay if I write them if a stacker has a problem with their Phoenix wallet and it might also be in their interests to respond on SN - or at least let me forward their response :)
And it will be 2 months in 10 days, so I can't do this again currently, haha
But maybe you can just write them? :) support@phoenix.jitbit.com
They seem to respond pretty quickly :)
You could potentially even just send them a link to this thread potentially haha
But be polite! You're representing SN now lol
not bad actually, first territory reward was 5 sats. then 114. now 5742. lol :)
yes yes, you are right, i forgot about this :)
i think i am using ":)" so much it might actually start looking like i mean it in a "sarcastic way", lol
Speaking of which, if you're really determined to use GraphQL as your API, please be ready to charge a few sats per API call. Because if not some moronic idiot is going to think it's funny to flood the site with compute-expensive calls.
we've considered it. we're going to do it when it's needed :)
so enjoy the free ride as long as it's possible :)
I probably can't convince you that exposing GraphQL to anonymous callers is a bad idea, so hopefully I can convince you to be ready with something less awful than (a)(b)(c)(d) when the inevitable result occurs.
no, you can, you actually don't even have to because i already somewhat agree :)
we're aware that GraphQL is vulnerable to n+1 queries and some malicious actor ... not going to continue for hopefully obvious reasons :)
Not much hope but let's try @ACINQ