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You may even get most of it back with that 20k comment tip haha

However, not sure if it works like that since it was only me who tipped you

your turn, I made a screenshot of the current reward pool ;)


trying to format every file from a EXT4 to a NTFS would take me as long/ if not longer than just downloading/ validating the blockchain on to a new SSD.

I don't think so. It's just copying data without validation.

why should I point to my windows node when the new node is ready synced?

I think @DarthCoin meant to connect to your windows node using -addnode because then you download (and validate) from a local node which is faster than downloading from peers all over the world. I think with "ready" he didn't mean "ready synced". Just ready for downloading.

Yes, you are technically correct. What term do your prefer?

I was thinking about something similar: Use a password which reminds you of your seed phrase. Like use the initial letters of every word + add some random stuff.

You can have a brain wallet but still have it written down somewhere ;)

Like a second copy, just in your brain.

That's how I do it

I have one but I have to be more consistent in exercising it so I don't forget it in the long run.

Feels really empowering to know your seed words by heart!

lol, I learned from the screenshot I can use React.FC to type my functional component. I always just typed props and used JSX.Element as the return value. Now I feel pretty dumb haha

lol, just did it yesterday.

I used https://swap.deezy.io/ to move my sats onchain

Need to download all your guides now...

"Once you understand #Bitcoin, you go to bed each night with anxiety, feeling chronically short."

-- Michael Saylor (https://nitter.net/saylor/status/1321802392460021761)

"In a world full of madness, the only sane thing is to guess numbers"

-- me on psychedelics

Ah okay. Didn't know that. But it's running Bitcoin Core inside, right?

Hasn't this changed October last year? Michael Saylor also mentioned this problem.

But seems like the FASB pivoted and decided that fair-value accounting for crypto assets should be used: https://www.coindesk.com/business/2022/10/13/fasb-mulls-fair-value-accounting-for-crypto-holdings-report/

The two largest software clients for Bitcoin nodes, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin QT, can be pruned.

Bitcoin QT is not a node? It's a frontend?