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I mean, I took it from somewhere else too, but send every sat my way anyway lmfao!
I missed the non-bitcoin specific requirement, you're right.
Awesome point, bro. If the Ordinals idiots would have done their shit on Layer2 everyone would have been fine with it, but they just wanted attention and to dress like clowns.
Great point man. Nostr is more than meets the eye, not participating is a definite risk.
I agree man. That idiot Fantano made the same dumb claim in a YouTube video, but from the liberal perspective. They are both wrong.
CuasCuasCuas, I can't believe I wrote that. I was kind of drunk I guess.
. . . It's true, though!
Yeah, I've noticed that too. I guess we'll never know, CuasCuasCuas.
People at meetups suck, at least in the city I'm in. I'm a man, but I'm an immigrant so I kind of get where you're coming from. People don't talk to me at meetups. And when I talk to them, they don't take me seriously. I'm also young and sexy, which doesn't help in a techy environment. I couldn't care less, though. I'm a honeybadger. And when all is said and done, I'll be at the top of the bitcoin mountain.
I had no idea about any of it either. And I hope some Americans answer your questions because I genuinely want to know.
That makes sense. We're in the early innings. I guess Juan will reconsider once the project advances and gains traction.