Crypton, the decentralized exchange launched by Utopia P2P, is the future of cryptocurrency trading. With its no KYC requirements, Crypton offers users a level of privacy and security that is unmatched by other exchanges. Crypton leverages advanced encryption and blockchain technologies to ensure that all transactions are secure and anonymous, making it the ideal exchange for privacy-conscious users.

not only is this ignoring longer time frames it's also blatantly ignoring the inflation of other fiat currencies than the USD that bitcoin actually did quite well for during their given time frame.

We just launched our landing page

We're building Bitcoin-backed credit lines (undercollateralized loans)

Problem Current Bitcoin-backed loan solutions are relying on overcollateralization e.g. 50% loan-to-value.

Solution We're building 99% loan-to-value loans that act as credit line for Bitcoiners. We take-on tremendous risk but plan to charge 1-3% per month interest to offset. We're also building a credit scoring engine that will pseudonymously keep track of good behavior so they can get better rates and terms.

Wanted to get feedback from fellow Bitcoiners about what we are building. Would you use such product?

I’m learning about Nostr,m and how it can help us to shear opinions and the rapid development there

It's not true, Bitcoin will be vanished, replaced by new ones with strict KYC.

lol they take donations with bitcoin (cash) ... Looks cool digitaly but if you're cyberpunk inclined maybe your best to help me out here we need more anon foss members and its bitcoin only!

aha this thread is hard to find cyberpunk hardware search no worky, nice to see the boosts, lets keep it up

This is cool, so many great pleb innovations! trying to do a similar thing here, will check you out on github