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I've now looked at the GitHub repo and I'm not 100% happy with what I see. As an example, there are 6 open PRs, some of which are kicking on 9 months out, so that says to me that the repo is not being managed as well as it could be, which calls in to question the project as a whole.

I think that the information in the 'post' is good information that I'm as sure as I can be is genuine. There are some corner cases that will not apply to every reader, but by the same measure, there are quite a few that will apply to almost every reader.

For me, I'll continue in my quest to find a solution that I'm 100% happy with and take from this the information that I need while discarding that which I don't.

From all of the security research that I've done over the past 2 decades, one thing remains front and centre: complexity is the enemy of security.

I'm working toward to custom solution that I know is as secure as it can be, because I'm building it myself -- Trust No One

This is insightful and a 'must read' if you have any BTC HODLed for your retirement or other plans.

@ides Ditto E1 as well, so we're in on the ground floor; nice. The SLPs (Stephan Livera Podcasts) are well worth checking out, if you've not already done so.

Thanks for your continued development work -- nice one.

As it's layer 2, I can't see that it's either POW or POS To say that it's POS is to CONFLATE POS

Fair enough, but all I can do is to encourage you to look into SQRL in some detail. Given your technical knowledge, which, just from what I see here, I can tell is way superior to mine, I'm sure that you'd realise what SQRL is about and the value it has to offer - if I tried to explain it, there's every possibility that I'd get something wrong.

Yes. it's new and yes there's not been so much uptake, but as with anything new, there needs to be a starting point and the more that website operators are exposed to SQRL, the more I believe it will be implemented.

It's time consuming, I understand that, and it's not going to be a high priority, but maybe you could give it due consideration as this site moves forward.

I know nothing about the development behind lnurl-auth On the other hand, I know a good deal about the development behind SQRL, having followed the project from its inception. I've followed the work of Steve Gibson for decades and I know that his work is flawless, but that's by-the-by.

I'm not suggesting that SQRL be implemented as a replacement, but as an alternative, especially as an alternative to email, GitHub and Twitter log-ins.

Thanks for looking at this in any case, even if it's dismissed.

The bio...

What can be done to improve Lightning network privacy? T-bast (Bastien Teinturier) of ACINQ joins me to talk about this. There are both on-chain privacy and off-chain privacy implications of Bitcoin and the lightning network and we get into a range of discussions on:

  • On chain privacy
  • Taproot and MuSig2
  • Off chain privacy
  • Route blinding
  • Payment decorrelation
  • Trampoline routing
  • Phoenix

Yeah; things have a habit of changing. That presentation is now over a year old, which is a LONG time in the world of Bitcoin. Maybe his 2021 presentation will reflect that change. In the mean time, this has just popped up in my notifications. I'll post it up in a new link.

I had a chat with a guy on here back in September about this very issue. As I tried to point out: if one broadcasts the fact the one has an interest in or holds BTC, then one has a target on ones back.

Thanks. Yes, I thought it was kinda fun. I do realise that if adopted, it will add yet another layer of 'admin' to maintain a DB of snips, but I also think that organisation is key to any project development.

Thanks :)

Thanks. Anyone with a UK based IP Address will see this simple message...

It takes advantage of the nature of information being easy to spread but hard to stifle. - Satoshi Nakamoto

It's a shame (and a sham) that it was removed following the Craig Wright claim. {Note: I think that it's only for UK IPs, but maybe someone can confirm} A news Link Maybe we need to get him on here, for a AMA session.

RE: OP prominence. How about have it 'glow' in the same way that the lightening symbol does on one's own posts?

Not exactly, but it's relatively easy to pull data like that of off a site such as bitcoincharts.com


Maybe this goes someway to answering the question the I posted in the AMA thread (which has yet to be answered).

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Have you read the FAQ?