What we got:

  1. comment thread enhancements as requested by @anonporridge
    • saved collapse state
    • label OP
  2. lnurl-withdrawal as requested by @fiatjaf
  3. url dupe detection as requested by many users
  4. slightly more concise notifications
  5. fix for tipping quickly after upvoting causing 1 sat boost
  6. a few other small bug fixes

I'll likely be working on dark mode and other UI enhancements over the next week. If you have any requests along those lines (or others), let 'em rip!



Nice! I imagine the LNURL-withdrawal hasn't been added yet to the GUI? I only see the invoice option as for now.

You might need to refresh

I did, but I will try again in an hour or so.

If you're on mobile, your keyboard might be hiding it.

Desktop atm.

Hit the QR code button

Oh I see. Was thinking I would be able to give my southkorea@zbd.gg or 1043117153@ln.tips lnurl based addresses there to send funds to my wallet without having to request an invoice...

Ah that’s a lightning address withdrawal. I’ll add it to GitHub.

Lnurl-withdrawal is just another way to initiate a withdrawal flow without having the user handle an invoice but it’s perhaps more cumbersome than a lightning address withdrawal.

I might be wrong on terminology ;) I'll let @fjiatjaf confirm what he was requesting. But indeed, having support for these easy-to-read/remember addresses would be a neat feature for the future.

Tried uploading a screenshot. Must have made a mistake in the markdown syntax, but I don't seem to be able to edit my comment.

Hence, feature request: ability to edit comments ;)

Just noticed the edit button. Sorry :)


Wonder if there's a way to make the OP label a bit more prominent.. like the Flairs on reddit... looking at the @dergigi AMA, for example, it's still a bit hard to quickly skim for the OP's answers

Is there a way to change your default tip option? Wondering how to give a bigger tip without having to click repeatedly...

I can think on the OP prominence.

Perhaps the move to reset the tipping is if you tip more than once, the dialog pops up to set an amount.

RE: OP prominence. How about have it 'glow' in the same way that the lightening symbol does on one's own posts?

Yep, that’s the ticket!

Purple looks great!! Just enough contrast to stand out without being overwhelming.

You are killing it!

Has dark mode already been requested?

Yep, hoping to have it done by next week!

Nice work, thank you.