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This is why DCA works. Automated discipline system.
Yes, was going to write a follow-up when I can sit down for it.
Things are trending positive (good) overall. Going to be 4-6 months of treatment and then surgery, so certainly a hard road ahead, but everyone seems upbeat and hopeful.
Chiefs because they are currently winners
On the other hand, my wife has several high school friends that are local, and an endless pool of “mom friends”, with a few very close mom friends. She sees some of them at least once a week. Often multiple friend outings in a week, but this is her life being the caretaker of the children. They do activities while I am at work.
I do not live in the same city as any of my childhood, high school, college, or late 20s friends.
Basically, I never see them.
We text, sometimes.
I do not spend social time with my coworkers.
I have maybe 1 “friend” I have developed locally.
My social life consists of my kids, their school activities, my wife’s family, and my wife’s friends & husbands, whom I don’t really like spending time with that much.
With kids and a fulltime job, the weekend is the only time where i have space to get anything else done - fix things around the house, relax with the family (M-F is either get to school or get to bed).
I did used to work on my own projects or startups on the weekend. I would never have world for a job on the weekend.
Can you expand a bit why you like Jade ?
Seems to me that there should be a minimum text requirement - If you want to post a random link with no context, then put it on Nostr
That should say Umbrel and/or YunoHost , not and/on
4 ways we currently use Pi:
  • Install Umbrel and/on YunoHost, run image/docs server, Matrix, etc
  • Run Home Assistant
  • Create smart speakers using Balena Sound
  • Basic computer for the kids (text editor, run Minecraft Pi, etc)
I might pay for a used Mac, but if you are just checking email, web surfing, etc, you can fine a lot of new PC laptops for a few hundred dollars
When you are active on SN, you get a cowboy hat.
When you are inactive, you lose your cowboy hat.
Talk about big things now, if you haven’t already. Opinions could always change later, but … Kids? Will she work? Would you relocate for work? Who cooks dinner? Who does the dishes?
Who owns the bitcoin?
There are lots of things.
Ok also encourage you to error on the side of a small wedding. Big ones are often regrettable later.
Just assume it will take a year and don’t look at the price till then
Did they ask him where are their keys ?
Wow thank you for the mention and the zaps. Will pass these either to a cancer organization or stack them for the kids.