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Congrats @designsats! you won the contest :D! I love this one with the blue on black and the typography is on-point!
Ok i'm so sorry, it has been a crazy weekend! I had flooding on some property, and was saving a treehouse in our own bitcoin citadel :D I am here and choosing a winner now.
can't wait till this closes want to send out some sats!!!
Estaba de flaco en españa :D la calidad de comida es mejor ahi la echo de menos. Estoy en el proceso de cultivar un bosque de alimento. Quiero cultivar toda la comida q necesistamos dentro de 10 años.
that is sad, I was a neighbor there for a few years in Spain, never made it to PT, we will win long term.
Bitcoin treated like income, i'm in the U.S. capital gains and all that.
This is awesome @NEEDcreations! I would love to chat with you sometime about an idea I am on my own weight loss journey and am thinking of making a self hosted weight loss app where one can set goals and put sats into them and have them pay out when goals are met, maybe even have a family member or friend who can verify before sats send out to a wallet. Would love your ideas! Seriously congrats! This is awesome!
Very nice, so many amazing designers people in here, animation is cool!
Best Security Practices for Moving Bitcoin to a Cold Wallet:
  1. Create a New Cold Wallet:
  • Use a reputable hardware wallet.
  • During the setup, you will be provided with a new set of 12/24 recovery words (seed phrase).
  • Write down the seed phrase on paper and store it in a secure location. Do not store it digitally to avoid hacking risks. Or use the @darthcoin poetry standard to remember/memorize your seed phrase.
  1. Secure the Seed Phrase:
  • Store the seed phrase in a fireproof and waterproof container or safe.
  • Consider using a metal backup tool like Cryptosteel or Billfodl to store the seed phrase, as it is more durable than paper.
  • Do not share the seed phrase with anyone and avoid entering it on online platforms or taking pictures of it on your phone.
  1. Whirlpool
  • Before sending your Bitcoin to the cold wallet, use a CoinJoin service like Whirlpool by Samourai Wallet to mix your coins.
  • This step enhances your privacy by breaking the link between the input and output addresses, making the transaction trail harder to analyze.
  1. Generate a Receiving Address:
  • Connect the cold wallet to a safe computer or use its interface to generate a new receiving address.
  • Double-check the address to ensure it is correct.
  1. Send an UTXO:
  • Send one of the UTXO's from whirlpool to the address.
  • Confirm that the transaction is successful and the funds are received in the cold wallet.
  1. Send the Remaining Balance:
  • Once the test transaction is confirmed, send the remaining balance from the hot wallet to the cold wallet. (Be sure each UTXO goes to a new address on the wallet this way only someone with your xpub would be able to make additional connections)
  • Monitor the transaction until it gets enough confirmations on the blockchain.
  1. Keep the Hardware Wallet Secure: Store the hardware wallet in a secure location when not in use. Use strong PIN/password protection on the hardware wallet.
  2. Verify
  • Frequently verify you can access your hardware wallet ( I recommend monthly but at least when you change your batteries in your smoke detectors)
I'm sure @darthcoin has a more definitive guide on this somewhere but with my threat model this would be the way I go.
Very minimalist but with great symbols, super cool!
agreed! was just thinking out loud! I think C is now a solid logo!
the item under the logo, could it look like an archipelago and the connections can be moving water? that could be cool! my 2 sats.