justsmile said... [I] can not import it anywhere else

Where did you try to import it? Did you see an error message of any kind?

justsmile said... the address tb1qf599fs22elt03zmrh2w8ww5snk8zcd5q80jm57 has been used many times already

Is that one of your addresses? Did you import a seed that's already in use by a faucet? I'm very confused

justsmile said... You'd better use Signet as you can abstract out of mining and will get much smoother block times (like on mainnet).

Maybe someday I'll start using signet and upgrade my name to Super Signet. But for now testnet works great for me.

justsmile said... The red animation is super ugly. I would not use it myself.

Yeah I found it by just googling "red loading gif" and then I slowed down the coolest one I found (this one: https://i.gifer.com/origin/36/36527397c208b977fa3ef21f68c0f7b2_w200.gif). Eventually I'll probably pay someone on fiverr to make a proper HD gif that looks more like what I want. I want it to look like a red giant star is eclipsed by a black hole so you can only see the swirling red outer edge of the red giant.

"I want it to look like a red giant star is eclipsed by a black hole"

I wonder what that would look like in reality... probably really cool with the gravitational lensing.