Does anyone know why Muun appears to not charge fees for lightning transactions? How can they do this if they have to pay on-chain fees for submarine swaps? For comparison, Phoenix charges 3000sats for channel management.
I'm curious of this too. Been digging through some of the other posts about this and still a little confused. I'm currently using primarily muun due to its simplicity and fees of 0-1 sat for most very small transactions.
But I also hear it might be pushing those fees onto the sending side for opening channels. I'm a little too tech dumb to fully understand all this. I'm currently trying to download Bitcoin core just to try and sync sparrow wallet to it and say I'm running a node, so I'm pretty far behind all this.
I like Muun for pocket change and it's ease of use but I also feel like I'm making some consessions that I'm not fully aware of. I do currently have Phoenix also but moved to muun because the general fees were cheaper (even excluding the channel opening fee in Pheonix)
I'm fully willing to move off it but I'm having a hard time for now because its just too damn convenient. I am pretty ignorant though.
im new to nodes too dont feel bad. started there with raspiblitz now looking at switching to start9 embassy build