I've been into nostr recently and decided to add nostr posts into the search index on https://realsearch.cc
If you've tried to use nostr, you'd agree how non-trivial it is to find people to follow or content to discuss. Searching by keyword really helped me to discover interesting conversations and questions that people had there. The service follows most of big relays and new results should show up in real-time.
Would you give it a try?
Please let me know if this thing adds any value.
I can't set up my browser (Opera) to use RS as default search engine.
Has anyone else encountered the same issue on other browsers?
Wow, you're the first person I hear wishing to set RS as default! Except for myself of course :)
I haven't tried Opera, but in Chrome you can't either. The only thing you can do is add RS as 'another' search engine with a shortcut. So I set 'r' as shortcut, and now I type 'r' 'tab' and Chrome switches to RS in the address bar. Maybe Opera has some similar settings?
Please let me know if there is anything you'd like to have improved in RS!
I'm ok with micropayments for web search, but I don't like that credits have an expiry date.
Is that part really necessary?
Also, why not use LN Auth instead of a clunky plan import?
Thanks for your feedback!
Expiry date is necessary to avoid remembering all issued 'plans' forever - this can't scale well on the backend.
I agree that this causes some concerns, and will be offering other options:
  • you can choose to setup pay-per-search with Alby extension already
  • LN Auth will come soon to setup an acc and refill it as needed, with ability to withdraw, like here on SN
LN Auth will also help avoid import/export clutter, but it means I will be tracking all the searches linked to your acc - some people don't like that, and might choose to go without an acc.
Aah yes, good point (about the privacy angle). Perhaps that should go in the "About", or a 'FAQ'?
Link to a github would also be nice!
Great work, thanks for sharing, useful resource.
Fyi the nostr search worked but I wasn't able to click through into any of the items. could this be fixed? Perhaps you could 'choose your web client' or just pick one as default?
Also - you use a bunch of centralised services as contact points (twitter / telegram)
Why not mastodon, nostr, and/or matrix instead?
That's right, FAQ and other help needs much more attention :)
I don't have a github for this, don't have plan to open source it atm.
The nostr search features are gonna expand, I will allow replying right on my site if you have Alby, and will open up some good third-party web client when it comes. For now I just manually copied user IDs and used them in other clients to find people and reply.
I didn't use mastodon and matrix when I wrote the 'about' page, gonna go add nostr now :)
Thanks a lot for a huge amount of feedback!
BTW, now there are links to astral.ninja web client to easily reply to people. That's the only client that seems to work reliable, even if kinda slow.
Why not use an lsat @brugeman
Great question! Gonna look into that, thanks!
Great! ) Anything I should add?
This sounds useful, and I applaud you for getting your creative juices flowing. Ilk try it right now.
Thanks a lot, let me know what I should add next :)
Searching by keyword really helped me to discover interesting conversations and questions that people had there.
That's one of the reasons I became disinterested in Mastodon -- no search (intentional, and by design by the founder of Mastodon).
Are you interested in nostr now?
I was going to jump in during nostr november after playing with it about six months ago. But haven't yet. There's a LOT going on in a number of areas with bitcoin. But soon I will be active on nostr.
[UPDATE] now you can reply to posts right from the search results, just need Alby to store your keys and sign the message.