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I am a U.S. lawyer who bought my first bitcoin in early 2018, but didn't fall down the rabbit hole until 2020. I run a bitcoin and lightning node.


I am also pretty old by bitcoin standards (63) and I was heavily invested both financially and intellectually in the traditional financial system.

Welcome aboard!

Nice to meet ya got into all this in early 2018 and went down the rabbit hole its been a wild ride and cool you have found this space your limited tech abilities far outreach alot of peoples knowledge right now in the space !

I am interested in improving my tech abilities. I tried to teach myself a little python a few months back to help run my lightning node from the command line, but it's a slow go.

Welcome! It'll be great to have your perspectives and experiences in our community :)

Thanks very much. I'm pretty much the only bitcoiner among my family and friends so it's nice to interact with fellow hodlers.

why it took 2 years for you to fell to the rabbit hole?

Well, it really took me even longer. I was an active libertarian and first became exposed to pgp email encryption in the 1990's. I heard of bitcoin fairly early on through libertarian friends (maybe 2012 or 2013), but thought of it as a scam. I regret that, but you know the old saying: "You buy bitcoin at the price you deserve."

Wow, nice story, thanks for sharing.

It's not a rare thing, it take a lot of will power and curiosity to start digging into deep topics like when you dig into bitcoin. It took me a while since my first bitcoin purchase to actually go down the rabbit hole and ask me "why bitcoin"

Yes, for sure, is a mind shift, but for some reason after understanding how bitcoin works it clicked right away for me. I heard about bitcoin before but never looked into it, but when I did, that was all.