I have learned during my time on Stacker News that it is sometimes difficult to understand @DarthCoin when he responds to a post. This is a shame, since he writes great guides, is an OG bitcoiner, and is a good source of knowledge. Therefore, I have created a little translation guide of my own to assist those having difficulty understanding him :

If @DarthCoin says:

“You are a fucking moron.”

What He Means:

“I think perhaps with regard to this particular issue you are mistaken.”

If @DarthCoin says:

“You are a fucking shitcoiner.”

What He Means:

“Good sir, I think that at this point you really don’t perceive the differences between bitcoin and the coins that were created after bitcoin through a centralized, pre-mine process”

If @DarthCoin says:

“Fuck the Banks and Govs”

What He Means:

“I believe that switching to a bitcoin economy obviates the need for financial institutions and will increase self autonomy.”

If @DarthCoin says:

“I don’t give a shit about the price.”

What He Means:

“It is unnecessary to focus on the day to day gyrations of the value of bitcoin as expressed in US dollar terms.”

If @DarthCoin says:

“People are retarded.”

What He Means is:

“There are many folks who don’t have the intellectual capacity or desire to learn about bitcoin.”

I welcome additions, corrections and suggestions to improve this guide.



Yes, indeed I do not like to "kiss ass" of anybody with nice kind words. If they do not like "my style" of saying things directly, I don't fucking care. Is their problem not mine.

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Translation: "Indeed, my comments can be brusque at times. However, consider that time is fleeting, Bitcoin is scarce and if you can't understand that then eat shit, fucktards!"

Did I do it right?

I shall consider inclusion of your suggestion for publication in the second edition of the guide.

Fantastic translation!

Big ⚡

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Yea... or you know... Some people just enjoy being assholes for no reason.

Not sugar coating things is different. You can be blunt and straightforward and disregard pleasantries, I'd respect that, no time for bullshit, by all means.

DarthCoin takes pleasure in being an insufferable prick. It's pretty obvious.

There are faster, more effective and efficient ways to get most of his points accross. He goes out of his way to be extra unpleasant, expending the same amount of mental energy that a sugar coater would but in the opposite direction.

For example, from your translator:

When DarthCoin says "you're a fucking moron" You think he means “I think perhaps with regard to this particular issue you are mistaken.” But what he really means is "you're wrong" 2 words. And for someone who truly doesn't mince words, that's 2 too many. Someone who is trying to not waste time explaining things to people who will never get it doesn't waste time insulting them either. The only reason to say this is as an effort to inflict some kind of pain on your interlocutor. Which means he is going out of his way to be an ass.

DarthCoin is truly a poppy face, there's no two ways about it.

Yes, I will always be "an asshole" with shitcoiners, bitcoin haters and dumb people. They deserve it.

Your words say more about you than about them

Maybe I am M. Popescu... who knows ? 😂😂😂😂

nah ...

  1. yer on stacker

  2. you try to help

I knew it!

Lol solid translations, mans guides are solid work through, helped me a bunch, what ruubs me the wrong way are people with darths attitude but don't know dick lol if you're going to be a dick, at least back it up with hard facts and hard work

When will @DarthCoin join nostr? Its a little too velvet gloved over there, it needs a healthy dose of intolerance

I am on nostr. Posting memes

Haha this is great!

I think it is important to take three pills before joining a thread online in NOSTR, Telegram Group, or Twitter, pill #1 Orange #2 Chill #3 Patience. Then you end up learning a lot. I do this myself ;-)

Neither skill, merit, nor power gives anyone a pass for treating others like shit.

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I see it like that: Every time @DarthCoin does not treat you like trash you can be proud of yourself lol

If you are against Bitcoin, you are against freedom. And that makes you my enemy. I have no remorse for shitcoiners, bitcoin haters and statists. https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/darthcoin-enemies

Replied to wrong comment?

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What about anonymity and a censorship resistant platform?

Only truly virtuous people treat others well even if they are completely anonymous, facing no real repercussions for their bad behaviour.

You still have to learn something from Bitcoin world:

somebody that will not kiss your ass with nice fancy words, will never scam you...

Just think about that.

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You’re a poet

feigned moral supremacy is a poor excuse to prop your own offendedness up...

grow up its not a game we are playing here.

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Made my day 🤣

I needed this post. Thank you. Love you @DarthCoin.

you know you are late to btc when "palletable translations" are required for the herd to feel unoffended and safe in their brave new "uncensorable" reddit...

meet the new boss...

Thanks for this I have had my agreements and disagreements with Darth but overall I respect his passion and his dedication to rid this world of Fiat living.

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Ahah hilarious 🤣

Is this more useful than my "shitcoin"?

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Nice one. At times @DarthCoin is a bit dillusional in his ideology, but funny to read his insults nevertheless. Keep up the good work.

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who let their mother in here ?

What if @DarthCoin says: "Muun is trash."

Let me run that through the translator. Hmmm. It means that Muun is not really a lightning wallet, and is clogging up the base layer with tiny transactions for which the unaware newbie may pay a hefty fee.

Nooo .. I changed BlueWallet for Muun. What do you recommend me?

ignore this guy, just use what is useful for you. This is why bitcoin community is getting really fucked up. a bunch of guys recommending complicated wallets that at the end will push a lot of people to use custodial solutions and get rug pulled. Muun, phoenix, breez, electrum, blixt. just use non custodial. recommend only non custodial. have fun.

Ask @DarthCoin. What do I know? I'm just a translator.