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Welcome aboard!

Welcome! I'm curious about your company's connection to bitcoin. Do you accept bitcoin payments?

We used to about 2 years back, but nobody chose to pay with it. I think, if you currently sell products to regular people, chances are very slim that anybody will pay with crypto. 1) they do not own any, 2) if they do, they definitely did not buy it at for example 300usd/btc, so they do not want to spend it. They probably bought it at 60k. 3) even if they have btc, they do not know about LN. So, basically a shop needs to have a certain niche clientelle that is also knees deep in crypto in order to get paid in sats. And even then, i would guess, the % of people using it would still be at maybe 10%.

It would be interesting to hear other shop's experience.