You dont need to run your node as a Routing node if all you want is to accept payments as a business. It is not hard at all to setup a node for a business. You can literally have 1 big incoming channel. You dont need to worry about “managing your liquidity”. Just loop it out when the channel starts to fill up.
That is true, and I think that kind of architecture is definitely way easier to automate than a full-on routing node! Merchants don't need outbound unless they'd want to pay out their employees in lightning, which is functionality that I doubt many would want to pay for.
However, for the average business owner, it's still really challenging to figure all those details out even for a simple setup. They'd have to be an enthusiastic Bitcoiner who has knowledge about how Lightning works, what Loop is, etc.
But that's the beauty of where we can come to help! Setting up batteries-included simple UX systems that give the functionality and security users expect is a major opportunity.
This looks like a good solution for the average business owner