Howdy folks! I'm Super Testnet and I wanted to let you know that my lessons from the Pleb Dev Course are now available for free on youtube.

The Pleb Dev Course is an excellent introduction to programming that is designed to get you from "I know nothing about programming" to "I'm ready to participate in a bitcoin hackathon" as quickly as possible, in only six short lessons. I teach two of the lessons and Austin teaches the other four.

I am enthusiastic about this course and the full thing is available on Emeralize (pay with bitcoin) and Udemy (pay with dollars).

When I agreed to teach some of the lessons in this course I had a condition: my segments must be made available for free on youtube. So here they are! You can now access a good chunk of the course's content for absolutely free.

I encourage you to pay for the full thing to support me and Austin and Car and Pleb Lab in our quest to make bitcoin app development easy and grow the number of bitcoin developers.

Thanks super!

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Hi is it possible to buy the course paying with Bitcoin and without doing any login?

Not quite, but fear not, I just created a fake account for you on emeralize. (Emeralize doesn't validate email addresses so I just put a fake one in.) Use these credentials to do a fake login, which is actually a real login, but I think that's okay because you didn't have to create an account:

url: username: bugmenot password: donotbugmeplease

After your fake (technically real) login, click here to purchase the course:

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Thanks! Just bought the course!

Been learning to code. Gunna tell the crew at the FED this Bitcoin thing is worth learning about. Could end up replacing the FED