GM All 🧑
The Lightsats team continues to ship features πŸš€
We recently launched a bulk tip creation feature, allowing you to create multiple tips by funding 1 invoice only. When go to fund a tip you can now select an x amount of tips you want to create in bulk.
Along with this feature, we have now also integrated Bitcoin Tip Cards where you can download a PDF with all of the tips you've created at once and be able to print them, cut them, keep them in your wallet and hand them out as tips.
This feature is currently live on our site and our next feature will be allowing users to customize their tip cards by simply pasting an Image URL of the design they wish to use.
In the example below I have used an image from (if you have not checked out their store I highly recommend it) also you can always give them a follow on their twitter account @nogoodnode
This is what the PDF you download looks like, you can print it and cut each card.
If you want to see what these cards look like in real life here's an image:
The exciting part about these Bitcoin Tip Cards is that we won't have to ask users to authenticate in order for them to save their session, since they got the physical card with the QR Code to redeem they will always have access to the link. We know this was a concern for a lot of the community members and we want to make sure we listen to feedback and provide options that will satisfy user's requests.
This was one of the original requests we had from one of our early users.
If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to chime in here in the comments or submit a request in our Github page.
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Thank you!
I just posted more info about our tip cards here #123036
Cool! I am planning on passing these out at my nieces 12th birthday! Get them on the fast track to stacking!!!
Time to orangepill the Youth!!!
Amazing! That’s exactly what I did with my nice and nephews for Christmas! Gave them a Lightsats Bitcoin Christmas Card they downloaded a wallet and withdrew their sats! I just had to make sure that my brother backed up their wallets properly!
I also was going to get them to buy Roblox game credits on Bitrefill but didn’t get around that part!
Great idea!
Thank you!πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Hope you can use it at some point!
Now you're SN official
Haha yes it’s now official on SNπŸ₯³πŸŽ‰