Here's Andy's project:
Distributed Charge: Creating a Bitcoin Lightning Network Enabled Energy Grid
Oh, he's the dude that had the bitcoin enabled gas pump from years ago!

And good to see that Andy EARNS in bitcoin!
I am available for hire as an independent engineer.
A 50% discount is provided for all services paid in bitcoin.
He's not joking around. Offline, he literally said to me: "I want to come onto your podcast not to talk about the why of Bitcoin, but to talk about what needs yet to be built to make everything else obsolete so we don't even have to convince people of the 'why.'"
Yes, he's been busy on enabling Bitcoin-powered, metered purchasing instruments for almost a decade. He talks about the transition in his focus to energy at around the 35-minute mark.
Andy is now on Stacker News!
Distributed Charge #62556
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0.00000015: Andy Schroder, Distributed Charge + Board A0
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