What's your wildest dream for how ordinal theory develops/gets adopted?
Do you think their utility might extend beyond collectibles?
As far as utility beyond collectables and art, I'm not sure. So far we really haven't seen real utility in other NFT ecosystems, so I'm leaning towards no. One possibility is organization membership, e.g. your status as a member of an organization can be publicly verified with an inscription you hold.
Due to their longevity, inscriptions become the first digital form of high art, and the most important form of digital art every created.
Inscription content is anything that can be rendered by a browser, so this includes HTML, CSS, and JS. Inscriptions are sandboxed, so it can't access the web, but eventually, inscriptions will be able to access other inscriptions. This leads to a rich and weird ecosystem of on-chain images, code, and markup, and interlocking, recursive inscriptions.
Thousands of years from now sats with specific numbers, names, and other qualities take on mystical significance and become the basis for a new techno-animist religion.