So many haters T_T
Let's break down "ordinals r fake and ghey" into more specific criticisms:
  • Ordinals break Bitcoin's fungibility: This is probably sort of true, but it's not actually a problem in practice, since everyone can just ignore ordinal numbers and inscriptions, and if you get a sat from a wallet that isn't doing sat control, i.e., sending specific sats to specific outputs, which sat you wound up getting isn't actually meaningful.
  • Ordinals break Bitcoin's privacy: People definitely shouldn't use ordinals if they want privacy, since the protocol is designed with public display and trading in mind. If you need privacy, you shouldn't use ordinals, or at least you shouldn't your cardinal and ordinal wallets.
  • Ordinals are a distraction from Bitcoin's mission: I actually think ordinal numbers and inscriptions, if they get popular, will be good for Bitcoin's adoption. People like art, and they'll like Bitcoin more if they can make art with it. I think a lot of people got into Ethereum because of NFTs, and then they stayed in that ecosystem. Hopefully there will be people who get into inscriptions, and then wind up getting into Bitcoin.
  • NFTs are lame: I kind of agree with this. Most NFTs are lame. However, the good ones can be really cool, especially generative art NFTs, like artblocks.
  • Inscriptions will spam the blockchain: Inscriptions are very resource-unintentsive for Bitcoin Core nodes to process, they're an OP_FALSE OP_IF <data pushes> OP_ENDIF in the witness, so core nodes just skip them. They will take up block space, and must pay fees, but I ultimately think that that's good. Bitcoin needs a very strong fee market to survive, and people publishing and trading inscriptions will contribute to that.
Love it, great answers!