Yup, and in fact it's best to keep you ordinal wallets, which do sat control, and your cardinal wallets, which don't, separate. If you put inscriptions or rare sats into a cardinal wallet, you might lose them, and if you put sats from your main stash into an ordinal wallet and make inscriptions, you'll link your main stash to your inscriptions.
Again, this is awesome. I've recently been thinking about ways to make interesting online treasure hunts/puzzles incorporating bitcoin as the reward, I've posted a couple here, rewards already claimed!
This is blowing my mind, not only could inscriptions or rare sats be rewards, but the whole ordinal repository of info has so much potential for hiding clues and making puzzles etc. And finding cool sats is sick.
This one is coming soon : Rest in peace Hal And the bitcoin satoshi of course
Nice, let me know what you come up with! runningbtc is an A++++++ sat.