Ah, sorry for being an arrogant prick, then. Since you said

[...] you deleted a bunch of work you thought wasn't important, and then either can't find it or it was written so that you can't easily correct the error.

I assumed you weren't using (or were even familiar) with version control systems. I apologize for that.

Haha! No offense taken!

Yeah, some days I am at something for hours and I get to the end of a step and I've walked the wrong direction entirely. I still have many old shelvings in my files now but usually I just rewrite it a lot simpler and faster than the wrong version that I shelved anyway. But that backup soothes my nerves a bit anyway.

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I see, but my point was that all that "wrong" code is also worth preserving in your CVS repository, in my opinion, because it might become relevant later. 😂

Ah yeah, well, that just happens when more than a day passes between changes. I generally make about 3-5 commits a day. I was talking about those irritating times when I try to make a bunch of changes and it just gets too confusing for me to debug and I start again. Usually in the process I learn something about what I'm trying to do and the second try is really smooth. Those errors tend to get lost, but now they end up on my disk in the "shelf" storage in Goland.