interesting… so under this proposal, if someone inputs a lightning address in the email field, will they have to leave SN to authenticate?

No, forget the email field - that's for emails.

What I'm proposing is a lightning address field ... you put in and it initiates a lighning login with alby without you having to scan a QR code.

You'd want to confirm the login in alby or some other wallet though which maybe isn't that much better than scanning the qr code.

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oh i see, so it wouldn’t be possible to put in or a lightning address from other apps, just those from a wallet like alby?

i do like the idea of eliminating the need for qr code logins for apps that have a lot of mobile users

It would be possible with SN, if SN implemented it ... lightning login doesn't require there to be a real lightning node underneath it - just a key pair. We could give every user one to use for login to other services.

Alby is just a better example because they already do both.

Sounds like a great idea. I've been looking for such a solution to lnurl auth in my Android apps also