I’m just the last year:

  • blockstream raised $125m
  • strike raised $80m
  • lightning labs raised $70m
  • zebedee raised $35m

i’m sure i’m missing a bunch more, but it’s nice to see a handful of bitcoin companies already growing out of their “startup” phase.

it’s also nice to see that all four have made lightning payments a significant part of their business.

22 sats \ 0 replies \ @bjorn 25 Jan

Micropayments are now actually being realized. P2P experience for the average person. Technological barriers are being removed. FIAT markets are cracking.

This is truly the go-to Bitcoin. I can just see many millions (billions??) of people building up a stack of satoshis and thus starting to create scarcity.

This growth will come for startups with real utility supporting micropayments