Yes, as I suggested in my OP things are going to become interesting internationally.
Brazil and Argentina are planing a common currency (SUR) for both countries and, potentially, for other countries in the region later on. Like African countries, they're submitted and oppressed by the IMF and the USD. Political and media reactions in the US are starting to appear, trying to make the project to look like an inviable endeavor and a crazy idea. Hopefully they realize that Bitcoin can help them solve that faster, maybe by deploying their coin backed up by Bitcoin as an intermediate step to going full BTC in the future.
The rest of the world, starting by developing countries, needs to wake up as well and tell the US we aren't its back yard. They need to take control and stop letting the US explote their resources and start paying for them appropriately.
And Europe needs to stop supporting the US in its abusive behaviors of exploitation of the weakest and its military invasions and its business fabricating weapons to export in far away wars that it promotes (when not start) every time the US economy needs a revulsive through its militar industry.
будем спасать планету всей планетой) вот что остается...синхронизироваться всем
Совершенно верно!