The p stands for pay, not proxy

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This is for devs right?

no, anyone can do it.

Great guides, how about a guide to set up lnurl with your own node and own wallet connected to your node (like Bluewallet using lndhub).

If you follow the above guide (which forwards to Alby) and then configure Alby to use your own node, you're done. Alby itself provides a wizard for connecting it to your own node so download the extension and have at it.

To get start to noster is very easy. Just sign in to alby, install extension of alby if you're mobile user install kiwi browser, find the nostr client like start your journey

Freedom for all one step at a time!

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Soy nuevo en LN pero tengo pensado montar un nodo con Umbrel, siento que esto me puede ser útil después.