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Sent you some sats to help with the market...

Thanks, it helps a lot :)

Let me know if you would like any changes or want to suggest new features: https://codeberg.org/anarkio/nostrmarket

It's not hard to see how close this is to becoming a replacement for Tor hidden service based marketplaces. Just need strong anonymity for contact, escrow and two sided evaluations... no more hax, no more DoS attacks, no more markets shutting down.

Same idea, although nothing to see just yet Classifiedstr.com

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I miss OpenBazarr. Hopefully something similar will emerge again.

I'm working on this marketplace (launched in 2021): https://bitejo.com

Hopefully I can clean up and modularize the code, then release it as open source. Then people could host their own online store or multi-seller marketplace, with a federated search (search for a product and receive results from all marketplaces). But it would be federated (similar to Mastodon/Lemmy), not directly peer-to-peer (like OpenBazaar or Bisq).

Particl.io has a P2P marketplace for its PART altcoin. Maybe someone could fork it to use Bitcoin.

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I had this same idea, plus many many many more.

I think custom events can make use cases like this much stronger / better, UX wise.

I think Nostr can be way bigger than "just a twitter replacement".

I'm hosting a relay for developers and reckless users to help prototype and iterate on this stuff.



If you want to drop your npub, I'll whitelist you.

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Awesome, excited to see more ecommerce solutions being built on nostr

It just seems a natural fit. I have read about how people in Asia have been buying and selling (using fiat) seamlessly through whatsapp for years.

+1. In my old city, local buy/sell Telegram groups were popular. You could find anything there (products, jobs, rentals, local events). Informal, KYC-free and for cash.

I wonder if there is a group feature for Nostr (users can join a group and only group members can see the messages, maybe a relay could be configured like this?).

It would be nice to have global marketplaces, as well as private local marketplaces for villages/cities/regions (e.g. food from local farmers, taxi/delivery services, rentals, jobs, events).

Will be interesting to see what apps can be built on Nostr's relay/client/post structure.

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Vishalxl did some work on encrypted group chats with NIP-38: https://github.com/nostr-protocol/nips/pull/59

Sorry but what's the point if there's no escrow or reputation system?

Someone could offer a third party escrow service if they want to. (I can't offer escrow services personally.) Some examples are: https://bitrated.com https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2439910.0 https://bitescrow.app https://microlancer.io https://t.me/bitcoinp2pmarketplace

Craigslist doesn't have escrow or reputation and it works fine. The advantage over e.g. Ebay, Etsy or Fiverr is that no credit card or bank account is required (I can't get a bank account, for example) and KYC-free/pseudonymous sales are possible.

For what it's worth, my main marketplace project https://bitejo.com has reputation (via reviews) and I'm working on a non-custodial client-side tool for Monero multisig escrows. (There is already a client-side tool for Bitcoin multisig escrows that you can download and run offline: https://coinb.in/#newMultiSig)

Nostr Market simply fetches and displays posts with the hashtag #nostrmarket. No custom post types, payment processing, escrow, etc.

The source code is public domain: https://codeberg.org/Anarkio/nostrmarket/ Feel free to adapt it for your own projects (e.g. different hashtag, better UI, more features).

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I made something based on your work: Pricestr.

Looks good. :) Happy to see you were able to make use of my (messy) JavaScript code.


Added a regex to scrape the price. If a listing includes the price in BTC or sats, the price will display in a box.

It would also be possible to add a product form + regex to scrape the attributes (price, location, category, etc.). But I want to keep it simple right now.