The new P2P trading platform, RoboSats, has added the /price endpoint to their API:
Here's a snippet of the JSON response that shows the price for USD only:
"USD": { "price": 40832.66, "volume": 0.00244902, "premium": 6.0, "timestamp": "2022-03-14T04:43:56.737973Z" },
That's showing the last "tick", from the most recent trade contract denominated in USD that occurred on the platform. In that example, the bitcoin was sold for the amount of $40,832.66, which reflects about a 5% premium above the BTC/USD market (spot) rate at the time the trade occurred.
This ticker becomes useful to show the value of Non-KYC bitcoin. This price ticker will show buyers consistently paying 5% or more above spot to be able to maintain their financial privacy when trading. For Sellers, this means they are consistently able to receive a 5% or more premium when selling through RoboSats
A post here on SN on RoboSats occurred last month:
Robosats: A P2P Fiat-to-Bitcoin Trading Site with Lightning Support #11785
Can you access this site from an iOS device?
This post was referring to a Price API. Using a Tor2Web service, yes -- you can access that Clearnet URL from a browser on any device.
But if you are referring to the RoboSats service, it requires a browser that works on Tor.
For IOS the Tor Project website has the recommendation to run "Onion Browser" on IOS:
Can I run Tor Browser on an iOS device?
Its pretty common for p2p exchanges with no KYC to trade a little above spot, no?
But 5% is actually a price premium below the level that is commonly found with other No-KYC P2P trading platforms (e.g., on Bisq, where 8% or more above spot can be a more typical price).
I'm thinking that this is because lightning payments are much cheaper and faster than sending payments on-chain. So the savings are passed on to the buyer.
Just a caveat on that "website" URL shown.
RoboSats runs on TOR only, and the API endpoint is therefore directly accessed only through TOR as well. The URL for the API provided above uses a Tor2Web service, which is for convenience only and should not be considered secure. It is not recommended that anyone trade using that (or any) Tor2Web service or any Clearnet URL.
For trading, use only a TOR compatible browser and use only the TOR URL (.onion) for the RoboSats platform (which is provided in the README for the RoboSats repo on Github).
Also, there's now a Twitter feed for new offers: