But recently, I have been seeing many Bitcoiners on twitter just completely shit on anyone who has mental health issues. Calling them: "weak men", "they probably don't work out", "they eat like shit", "watch too much porn" & "haven't found jesus" etc. I get that these are opinions, and everyone should be allowed to have their own take.

The fact that someone calls themselves a bitcoiner doesn't imply anything about their personality or their way to treat others. Supremacists tend to behave the way you describe, since they believe to be superior to others, usually because they believe they've been chosen by a supernatural being, which makes them feel special.

More progressive people usually don't have such ridiculous believes and tend to see others as equals and therefore show more compassion and respect to everyone else.

Fair point, although it's important we try to help those people change or minimize their damage, because they are a real and actual stumbling block to Bitcoin adoption, and plus the things they are saying is straight up terrible

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I don't think its possible to change such kind of people. They were that way before Bitcoin and they'll be the same forever, alas.

But showing Bitcoin and BTC as a the neutral technology and the neutral money they are, and not the monopoly of such disgusting beings, might help understanding Bitcoin and mitigating their damage hindering adoption.

well put!