I'm very passionate about mental health bc I've personally been deep into the depths of despair myself. I know the feeling all to well. Thankfully the last 4 years have been a complete 180. Life is now pretty incredible.

I'm a doctor (not that it matters) but I've studied mental health intensively over the years bc i want to know the why and how.

First. Stop drinking and drugs. I finally got healthy after getting sober 4 years ago and I was just a "beer guy".

Second I highly encourage to read or listen to the book BRAIN ENERGY by Chris Palmer MD.

That book was just published and from everything I've researched it appears that Dr Palmer has got it figured out. He's a 25 yr Harvard professor and practicing psychiatrist. He comes with the data.

Good luck. I wish you wellness.

Thank you very much for the tips & podcast reccomendation doc! I will check it out :)