No one can really comment on this directly since legibilizing the collective of information around unknown tweets is impossible for the same reason statism doesn't work.

Mental health issues are at least 95% induced by the toxic fiat world, and you'll find that people who are not strong & healthy themselves are least able to provide compassion for others.

I almost lost my sister (not going to get into it) ...But the the thing is, we are in a protracted war against true evil that has been running for over century. I am sorry for your loss, but there will be more casualties.

In a short battle tactics matter, in a regular war, strategy matters, but in a many decade existential conflict, it is doctrine that matters the most. There is weakness in all of us, but that does not mean we cannot recognize absolute truths that some things are lessor than others and strive toward something better -- will some people mix in subjective belief into objective reality? -- without a doubt, but that is not a reason to eschew the general idea of an ideal.

I was just reading a paper the other day about the great physicists of the first half of the 20th century... there was an aesthetic sensibility to their approach -- they realized, those things which are aesthetic tend to be highly correlated to what is correct. Science of course is no guide as to which question you even ask in the first place. Subjectivism in every layer and dismissal of aesthetic reality is part of the great doctrine of the enemy -- not the enemy of bitcoin, but the enemy of humanity and life itself.

My thoughts on Bitcoin through the lens of my favorite theory in psychology (not that I'm well versed in the field):

this you: "Since nothing in the built world goes untouched by money, and since fiat poisons everything it touches, the engaged person always has a conflict to uncover if they are sincere in observing the space through which they move" ? because if so i fucking love it

Yes, thank you.

I will look into your article! Thanks for sharing your thoughts