I've become rather jaded myself on the bitcoin/based/bro-science/way of life, but I don't think that's real life, that's just a subset of people most of which are larping, on Twitter. Since I'm done with Twitter I don't see that drivel and so I am better for it.

Sure there are some positives in it, don't eat junk food, stay fit, bla bla this is common sense, but trying to apply it rigidly like it's a protocol is just dumb. If you have mental health issues, you have to adapt your life accordingly and that's not something you can just hammer into people.

I guess people on the fringes always tend to be the loudest, and it's easy to get sucked in if you're not paying attention. Everyone is a scammer, everyone is a psy-op of some kind, lol yes even me

Bitcoiners are right about the money, but I can see how that gets people thinking that other stuff they think is simply correct because they are right about one thing.

Bitcoin is just a money but Bitcoin doesn't fix someone's lack of self-awareness, hopefully they'll figure out they are wrong on a lot of things, or ultimately pay the price for it.

I'm also not convinced anything on twitter is reality. It's just a bunch of loud bros patting each other on the back while everyone else lurks or is in more reasonable discussion spaces like SN.