Yes, I know. I won 500k sats very quickly. I told myself it was easy and started taking more risks. Soon I lost all my winnings and most of my original stake. Roulette always punishes the greedy. In every game one should have clear limits for both winning and losing. People are often under the impression that if red has fallen 15 times in a row, black must have fallen too, but this is not the case. The probability of what falls is still the same, regardless of what fell before. In the end I was left with 10k sats, which I have been playing a very careful 1 number strategy with ever since. In a couple of days I've made 40k from 10k, but I'm still sticking to very low stakes, so as my capital grows my risk is getting lower and lower, and if I'm lucky I might get my stake back in a few days.

Best of luck. I haven't played in awhile. Maybe I will try to win some sats later today.

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