Yeah, it's roulette! I won over a million sats today, but I sweated all over the chair and came close to walking away with zero. I had to wait about 170 hands for my number. When I went through my transactions today I managed to win back what I lost in the last 2 weeks, but it was a really close one.
And I haven't even mentioned that you can also play the so-called Big Martingale, where the bets increase according to the formula previous bet * 2 + 1. This is an even riskier strategy, where you get a chip for every spin of the roulette wheel.
Some also use modifications like the Waiting Martingale, where the player starts betting only when a color is repeated several times, or the Alternating Martingale, where the player bets alternately on both colors, or twice on one, then the other, and so on. There are many different arrangements, but none of them guarantee a win. There is always a significant risk of a bad series, and the longer one plays, the more likely one is to lose. Therefore, you should always set your limits for both losing and winning, and when you reach them, quit the game or start using a different strategy. The mathematical advantage of the casino is relentless, so you should never expose yourself to it for too long.