This was an excellent explanation of the Martingale system (and your English is very good). I stumbled upon this system through trial & error without knowing the history. The technique worked well for me for some time until I got greedy and started increasing my bets too fast. Probability dictates that everyone will lose if they play long enough. A 500k sat loss was enough fun for me. Now I’ve blocked myself from

That's not my English. I use Deepl to translate and just correct the obvious nonsense and learn at the same time. I'm a bit disappointed that no one has responded to the Spanish translation yet. I pay a lot of money for lessons and could use some positive pressure to practice more often. I'm preparing other episodes where I will discuss other types of progressions like Fibonacci, D'Alembert, Labouchere and others. Personally, I prefer to bet on numbers. The 35:1 payout ratio is far more interesting, but Martingale as the oldest, most famous and most used system definitely deserves to be in the first part. For example, systems that work with uneven distribution of numbers are interesting, but I haven't tried those as much because they usually require paper and pencil and need more focus.