Question: Is your ip address only sent through the relays when reading and or sending messages or is your ip address also included in the relays in all the messages you ever have posted? I want to know this because if you use a VPN all your posts before you used a VPN contain your real ip address? I hope this is not the case and only messages are stored in relays without the ip address? Anyone knows the answer to this question? Thank you.
There is nothing in the protocol that includes anything about IPs.
However, the relayer that you connect may be recording your IP, because that is how the internet works. You can either run your own relayer and have it connect to other relayers, or write an IP proxy in a server that you own.
The protocol is pretty wide open, it lets you subscribe to a prefix of a public key, instead of the whole private key. It depends on the client that you are using.
I am writing a tool that will create static pages from the public keys that you want, it will let people to subscribe to people through traditional methods like RSS, HTML or even maybe through a mastodon client. I hope to finish it this month and to make it open source. This tool will let you run your client and subscribe to any account that you want, and it will generate a simple web page that you can access from anywhere.
Well said.
am writing a tool that will create static pages from the public keys that you want
Look forward to that, please do share!
As @sea_monster mentioned, IP addresses aren't stored as a part of the protocol, but they can be collected by relays and clients on the network if they desire.
Never too late to take steps to protect your privacy :)
are there any clients or relays that use Tor/I2P or other ways of communicating without IP ?
None right now that I'm aware of, though you can use the web apps like or in Tor browser.