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Intellectually, culturally and now also economically they are in full blackout mode. This country is turning itself into a poor, moralizing and dumbed down shithole. Listen to some interviews of their clowns: ESG ESG ESG ESG Climatescam climatescam covid covid covid... for me as a refugee from Düsseldorf it's disgusting.

Yes I know what you mean. I live here and I feel ashamed that I voted green in the past lol

But all the other parties have their own problems with corruption/lobbying or incompetence

From 3:19 to 5:03, they are talking about the challenge to keep production and consumption of electricity in balance which will be harder with more and more renewable energy sources.

Bitcoin mining will be a huge part of managing that in the future. Not many are talking about that yet.

The Greens won't know what hit them lol